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Donovan C. (Sept. 2013)

Their first time client special is awesome. You get a discounted rate for each therapist you visit for the first time... And you can get a discounted rate for each therapist at different massage times, 60, 90, 120mins. All of the massage therapists have been amazing. I love doing the couple's massage with my wife. Everyone is so great, you leave feeling relieved of stress & knots.

Miriam A. (May 2013)

I fell in love with this place!!!  Since I began working in the 909, I decided to look for a place to get a massage.  Well let me tell you, I was on cloud 9 and walked out feeling light as a feather.  As a new client, you get an hour massage for $40 with each therapist!  Gio was my therapist and she was awesome.  She asked me which areas needed a little more attention, asked if it was okay if she massaged my face, stomach, glutes, etc.  I went into relaxation mode right away.  It felt like it was more than an hour.  I highly recommend this place.  I can't wait to go back and try the other therapists!  $40 for an hour, can't beat that!!! 

The only downside is that there are other businesses nearby.  I could hear some vague noise, BUT I was so relaxed that it didn't take long to fade away.

Jaylnn M. (Sept. 2013)

The owner is extremely friendly and helpful, Becky gave me the best deep tissue massage, and also gave me some very helpful tips on how to avoid getting so knotted up again. This place is truly great, clean, friendly, effective.

Ashley M (May 2013)

Definitions Too has been a great place to get a massage both times I've visited. You can't beat the price, $40 for an hour to try a new therapist and I always come out feeling great. I will totally be coming back again!

Lisa M (Oct. 2013)

I called In to get an appt because my shoulder was really bothering me. Mary was extremely polite and helpful on the phone, and got me in right away to see Becky. I requested deep tissue massage, and Becky was amazing at working out my multitude of knots. I would highly recommend checking this place out!

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